Thursday, February 24, 2011

An 'Easy' Blog

A friend of mine just started a blog and truly loves it. She's a great writer and has an amazing story to share. And I can't tell you what it is because she's asked me to keep her identity a secret for this. See, she's . . . frustrated. She wrote this and sent it to me. It cracked me up and I said I'd put it up and see what you all had to say.


I'm A Blog Whore

I've been with my blog for a year now, but I'm not exclusive. I yearn for the guest post. I crave followers.  I want new people to see me, to want me.

In the dead of night, I sneak out and visit other blogs. Blogs not on my blog roll. Blogs not on google reader. I read and read until I find those writers who make me smile and laugh. Those that me feel special. I leave them comments and love. I follow them, knowing that I want more of what they have. And then I wait in anticipation, just hoping for some attention.

And then . . . it happens. I see them. They come by. I see them on my stats. I see them looking around. My pulse races as their eyes wander.  My heart pounds when I see they have left a comment. My breath comes fast as I read what they thought about my post. Will they like me? Will they stay? Will they . . . come back? Will they want more?

They leave beautiful, soft comments. Comments that make me smile, that make my eyes sparkle and my cheeks blush. And then, just as quickly as they have come . . . they are gone.

Because, I am a blog whore.

Or, I suck.


I was dying as I read this. What do you guys think? And NO, I'm not telling you who she is.