Thursday, March 3, 2011

Dear "Friends Of Josh Groban": Really??

Warning: this is rant! Oh, yes it is!!

Dear "Friends Of Josh Groban,"

If you are here from 'the boards'? Keep reading. You won't be disappointed. I promise.

For the rest of you, my 'normal' readers? Neither will you. I promise.

Pre-sale tickets went on sale for Josh Groban's concert yesterday. The Internet was a-buzz with anticipation. As was I. Over at FOJG (Friends of Josh Groban)? Insanity. Some friends and I, knowing about pre-sales etc, had established a membership (yes, a membership, as in a fan club membership) to 'Friends of Josh Groban' last year. And for you here from the boards? YES, a group of us went in on one single membership. *gasp* Then the details were released and we discovered that the ticket limit was four and we needed five tickets. Cue many special words. So I sat down in front of my computer and bought another blankity blank fan club membership.

FOJG members, do not think I am making fun of your friendships, your connections, I am not. I have been on the free boards, the boards you do not need a membership to be on, for 4 years. Those boards are where I went to find those first gems of info about Josh Groban when I discovered that he made my children sleep. It was there that I met a beautiful group of women. A group of women who have supported and loved me these past four years through some trying and difficult times. We talk all the time. We meet at least once a year, and this year when we meet we'll be going to a Josh Groban concert together. So no, don't even think I'm knocking your friendships.

The procedure for abtaining said pre-sale tickets was unclear at first. I spent a day on the computer figuring out what to do. A day. I am an educated woman. I was not launching a nuclear weapon. I was purchasing concert tickets. But it seems the powers that be over at FOJG do not see it this way. It was a mess of questions, chat rooms, emails, more questions.

Did I mention that I had to buy a fan club membership? Yes, yes I did. As a member of "Friends of Josh Groban" I received a code which allowed me access to a pre-sale of tickets.

[caption id="attachment_438" align="alignright" width="150" caption="My membership packet. It has a laminated card. Jealous much?"][/caption]

(I also received a patch. A patch. To put on a coat. Yes. So I can proudly display my love for Josh at any and all events I attend. So that when I'm there and get asked, "Are you on the boards? In that snarky, snide way we've all heard, I can show my patch off and prove my solidarity to all things Josh. *Excuse me while I go vomit.*) I was able to buy tickets two days before the general public -- before preferred credit card holders etc. Was I excited? Beyond. Did I get awesome seats? Awe.some. Let me say it again: Awesomely awesome seats. Seats with awesome sauce on them. So the $19.99 I spent was worth it.


I am going to throat punch the next FOJG 'board' member who rants about non-members who have access to seats before 'we' do. I am going to square up and knock you down, like the snitch I am, the next time I hear you whine about giving the best seats to the 'true fans.'

Let me explain to your closed little minds that those seats that were taken even before the pre-sale? The ones that had your panties all in a bunch? Were sold to people who paid thousands and thousands of dollars to attend concert events. Thousands. Not $19.99 or even $39.99 to be an 'ultimate' member of FOJG.  So they? Get dibs on those fine seats.

Selling the best seats to 'true fans.'  Yeah. . . As in the fans who have bought a freaking membership to a juvenile fan club that allows you access to boards where you can chat in rooms where you are moderated in case you say something inappropriate about Josh Groban. (Out of curiosity, what does inappropriate include? I think he's hot. As in, if  I were single (and not totally & completely in love with husband), and 8 years younger, and living in LA, and we ran in the same circles, I'd tell him how amazingly talented he is. And then I'd totally tell him he's kiss-worthy hot. Like run my hands through his hair and hold his piano hands hot. Is that inappropriate?) This makes you a 'true fan.'? Here's a news flash:

When my son was eight months old he was sick. And in the hospital. Undergoing a ton of tests. The only thing that calmed him, relaxed him into sleep, was the music of Josh Groban. I spent days in the hospital, my ipod at John's ear, Josh's music playing to him in order to bring John some peace as he was prodded, blood was drawn, wires were dropped down his throat, probes attached to his head, needles inserted into his tiny veins. Later, when I lost my damn mind and spent two weeks in the hospital for depression, the song, "February Song" became a mantra for me. An acknowledgement that maybe, just maybe somebody else had felt this way before. So I'm pretty sure I'm a 'true fan.'

FOJG members: My name is Violetsarah.

If you are a FOJG member and this doesn't apply to you? My sincerest apologies. That means you found this amusing. If you found this offensive? Then I'm talking about you.

For my 'regular' readers, feel free to gag. However, this doesn't mean I'm not still *totally* in love with the man.  :) I'm going to two concerts. Two! And I'll be all kinds of excited leading up to them. And I'll be posting pictures and videos after them. Be prepared!! :) And, you're welcome.