Thursday, March 31, 2011

It's Not Easy Being Green

A week or so ago a read a comment somewhere in reply to a blog about being 'crunchy' and how it's not always easy. How it takes thought and planning and even more money to be 'crunchy' and 'green.' The reply was something to the effect of: No, it's not more expensive. You just do without the nice makeup/lotions/shampoo/phone/computer etc, make your own cleaning supplies, grow and can your own vegetables, and this frees up money to buy local and organic.

Well then.

Color me purple. Because I am very, very not green. This comment made me all kinds of angry.

I do not have to give up my fancy make up, or nice lotion, or a good phone to be green. I do not have to give up feeling beautiful to be eco friendly. I will not buy all my clothes from resale shops so I can buy only local produce. For me? That is extreme. For this woman? Perhaps not.

I grew up with styrofoam containers from McDonalds. When Dad changed his oil he poured it out on the shoulder of the road. Dirt roads were oiled on a regular basis to keep the dust down. Peanut butter came in a glass jar that may or may not have gotten reused. We also drank from the neighbors hose when we got thirsty.

So, you see, we've come a long way.

I am actively trying to 'reduce my carbon footprint.' We recycle what we can. I cloth diapered. I buy organic and local when I can. But I'll be totally honest with you. In the middle of July when I get a craving for grapes? I'm buying them. Right now I can't get enough avocados. So I just made some guacamole. (I did eat it with organic tortilla chips.) During the summer I frequent all the local farm stands. But organic milk is almost twice that of non organic, and we go through, on average 4 gallons a week. Organic eggs are also at least twice the cost of regular. (But they look so.much.better.) The local farm has farm fresh eggs . . . for about $3.00 a dozen. That's a weekend breakfast. What do I do for the rest of the week?

Also, it is 2011. And while I firmly believe we have to be 'green' and take care of the earth and ourselves, we are also so blessed to have access to foods from all over the world at any given time. And I take advantage of this.

I do buy organic. I do buy local. I do buy all natural. But I do not believe I have to starve myself of what I find pleasing and beautiful to do that.

I don't know. This woman may not have found it difficult to give up those things. 'Fancy' make up may not have been a big deal for her. But for me? I will cut you if you take away my Bare Minerals. I need that concealer on a daily basis.

Update: . . . while 'formulating' this post I watched a little show called 'Undercover Boss' about water treatment plants . . . which led to research about 'bio-solids' which led to defining what they are and what is 'organic.' You do not want to miss this!