Monday, April 18, 2011

Come To Jesus: Hear The Word Of The Lord

We have a history in church. I know this.  But, obviously, that's not going to stop us from going every week. And each week, I pray, I pray, that my children will behave. And sometimes? It happens. (Really. People comment on how well behaved they are.)

So last week we went back to church for evening services. There were only about 20 people there and we were the only ones with kids there. Which meant that the stakes were high.

About 20 minutes in Sarah had to use the bathroom, so my husband took her. I was sitting next to Violet. Then an empty chair. Then John. Who began to thump on a bible with a pen. Loudly. In a quiet room. Loudly.  I leaned past Violet and looked at him.

"Psst. John. Stop. Be quiet."

He smiled. This smile, right here.

And then mouthed these words, "Catch me."

And I? I looked at him and whispered back, "Game.on."

Also? He's alive. The end.