Sunday, April 17, 2011

*happy sigh*

When I first started blogging I saw all these little blog 'awards' scattered around blogs. I saw bloggers awarding these honors to each other and I'd read the 'nominations' with joy for them, and yes, jealousy. 

The blogoshpere can be full of love and these badges proved it. They were small nods, high fives, 'well dones'.  They were a way for one blogger to let another blogger know that something she did touched somebody. That something she wrote spoke to somebody else. And isn't that why we do this?

So, the other day, imagine my joy when I opened my e-mail and found, you guessed it, a blogging award. I know. Oh, you non-bloggers may laugh and shake your heads. I honestly don't care. This little badge right here, The Versatile Blogger Award, means I've done what I set out to do. I reached somebody. Somebody heard what I had to say. Maybe it helped, provided some information she needed, or just made her laugh. Her name is Theresa. She blogs over at A Mountain Momma and  she nominated me for this. Theresa, I can't thank you enough.

My award:

[caption id="attachment_700" align="aligncenter" width="150" caption="Mine! Mine! Mine!"][/caption]

I get to 'nominate' some bloggers I like to direct you all to, now that I'm award-worthy. So, in no particular order, the nominee's are:

Rose, at Not There Yet

Kristy, at Darn Near Domestic

Alexia, at Bacon and Babies

Branson, at Reflection of Something

Jess, at Straight Talk Jess

Ladies, your mission, should you chose to accept it, is to pass this award on to more deserving Versatile Bloggers!

Theresa? Thank you.