Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Is About . . .

I asked the kids what Easter is about the other night, all excited to hear their answers. Because I was sure we've been teaching them the true meaning behind these trumped up month long candy holiday's. As usual I was taken down a notch.

Me: Sarah, What is Good Friday?

Sarah: It's a Friday, Mom. It's not tomorrow. It's not today. It's a Friday.

Violet: (jumping up and down)

Me: I know, but what do we celebrate (I couldn't think of the right word here, I guess remember would have been better) on Good Friday?

Sarah: Going to IHOP! (yeah . . . we're going to IHOP for breakfast. We've been talking about it for weeks.)

John: Panpakes!

Me: Uhm. OK. How about Easter? What is Easter about?

Sarah: The Eastah Bunny!

Me: It's something to do with church. We're celebrating something to do. . .

Violet: (Looks like Arnold Horshack from Welcome Back Kotter) Ooooh Oohhh Ohhhh!

John: Eggs!

Me: Violet, I know you know, wait.

Me: We're celebrating something to do . .

John: Candy!

Me: With church.

Sarah: Pastor Matossian! (look of triumph on her face as she confidently names our minister.)

Me: Violet, it's all you, babe.

Violet: On Good Friday Jesus died. He died for US. But on the third day - that's Easter! He came back and he's ALIVE! And THAT'S why we celebrate Easter. Because Jesus died and he lives.

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter, celebrating Jesus and His grace.