Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Dear Mean People,

 Did tearing me down make you feel big? Did that feel good? Once I was on the floor, defenseless, were you then able to feel some joy?

Do you realize that your words leave a trail. A paper trail, of sorts? A sneer leads to an off word, which leads to a mean word, which leads to a full on nasty word. Soon you have complete sentences just tearing others down.

I am saddened, I truly am. I want to defend myself. Yell and scream and explain why. But to what end? You'll still be mean. I'll still be hurt. You'll still be laughing. I won't.

Consider your words. Consider where they land. Who hears them, sees them, repeats them. When  you say spiteful things, others hear them. I heard.

Thanks for that.