Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday Confessions: McDreamy

I take my kids to a relatively large pediatricians office. Seven doctors and a lactation consultant, plus two nurse practitioners. The majority of the moms I know take their kids there, and if they don't, they know of them. And I adore my doctor. He's gold.

This doctor has taken more emergency phone calls from me regarding John than my other two combined, and then some. At one point he gave me his cell number because we were in and out of the hospital so often and he wanted constant updates with out having to go through the answering service. Yeah, he's that awesome.

One day, during this sleep deprived time, a friend of mine said, "Oh, you see Dr. Hottie?" And I fell over. She nodded and said he was known as 'Dr. Hottie' by many people.

A few months later I was in the hospital with John, again, getting x-rays. The tech looked at our chart and said, "Oh, you go to Dr. Hottie." I almost dropped John.

A couple days later John and I were back in the office. I was beyond sleep deprived. Covered in puke. Had two crying babies with me. I looked at this man who was trying so hard to find out what was wrong with John and I was overcome with gratitude. And I wanted to thank him. So I said, "Do you know you're known as Dr. Hottie?"

You should not tell your pediatrician he's hot. Just sayin'.