Wednesday, May 18, 2011

You Oughtta Be In Pictures

I know it's corny, but I love spring. I truly do. I can open the windows and air out the ugly of winter. The grass greens up and I can shove send the kids outside to play. It's a beautiful thing.

Plus, as a mom, I swear I take more pictures in the spring and summer. My camera (that I hate. Just bought it. HATE IT.) is with me always and even John is starting to let me get a good picture every now and then.  And I have plans for these pictures, plans! Only, let's be honest. Between dance/swim/knitting/blogging/friends/ gardening/laundry/breathing/blogging/ I'm not going to get to do want with these pictures.  But then . . .

Shutterfly! Yes! In February I made a photo book for my husbands Great Grandmother. And it was not only fun, but it looks great -- far beyond what I was expecting. 

You should click on over and check it out -- I just scrolled through the photo gifts  and was really surprised by what I found! Luggage tags! Excellent. 

I also discovered that I AM going to make a Father's Day card for my husband at Shutterfly this year. I always think, "Really? One card?" But I bought some cards at Target the other day and was shocked at how much a nice card cost. For $2.39 at Shutterfly I can make one for my husband with his children's faces on it. Way more brownie points right there.


Yup, this post is totally about Shutterfly, brought to you by Shutterfly and will be read by Shutterfly. The opinions and buying of anything are strictly my own.

If you have a blog, sign up here  for a chance at 50 free cards.