Wednesday, August 31, 2011


We were without power for 72 hours. Not long in the grand scheme of things, really. We thought we'd be without it until Thursday - when we got that info? My head really did explode. But Florida Power came to our rescue (and how ironic is that?? That Florida, hurrican central, came to help Delaware?) and our power came back on last night. When that man came to my door? OMG. I might have scared him a little with my outpouring of, "We looooooove you!"

However. When the lights were switched back on I saw so many things get switched off. Immediately.

Without power, I was forced to not use the TV as a babysitter so I could get things done. I seriously thought I restricted how much TV my kids watched. I was wrong. When I need to cook or clean? I turn that thing faster than you can blink. Without it? I had three kids helping me cook and clean or playing in the midst of my attempts.

Without power, my kids were forced to entertain themselves at all times.  By Sunday evening the three of them were playing Barbies together (although Barbie tended to abruptly fly through the air and destroy things thanks to John) and building Birthday cakes with Lego's.

Without power, I was forced to slow down. Even in the middle of the day there wasn't a lot I could do. No laundry to run. No rugs to vacuum. No e-mails or blogs to read. My iPhone, I discovered, eats batteries like I eat chocolate, so texting and surfing the Internet without a charger at hand was not possible. And by 6:30 the house was dark, so I'd light a bazillion candles, the kids would play outside and I'd sit and knit. And knit. And knit. I finished a baby sweater. Made a baby hat. And have another adult hat almost complete. Heaven.

Without power, there wern't any distractions. So my husband and I would sit inside after the kids were in bed and talk. I'd (surprise) knit, and he'd rock in the glider, looking out at our dark street. We'd chat. I don't even know about what. It wasn't anything deep or important. It was just nice.

When the power came back on, we cheered and jumped around, blew out the candles and ran around turning off things that had been left on. Light after light had been left on. In rooms we hadn't even been in when we'd lost power. Then I realized I couldn't find the kids.

They were zombies. In front of the TV.


So I turned it off. I'm declaring it to be powerless. 

 I like the way Sarah and John made the pig drive the purple Barbie car yesterday. I like the way Violet made tea for me using Lego's. I love the way she is actually knitting now. I like the way they fought over who made the best Trio's dinner.

When the kids went to bed I sat down, picked up my knitting and grabbed the remote, because I could. Then I turned it off.

Powerless, we became closer as a family.

Powerless, we became powerful.