Friday, September 2, 2011

I Never . . .

Thought I'd have wrinkles.

Or a spongy belly.

A speck of cellulite.

A soft neck.

Food in my hair.

Toes in need of a pedicure.

Mom jeans.

Or . . .

The complete love of my husband.

Three kids that think I know everything.

A messy house that was just cleaned.

Children that scream. With happiness. (and anger. Let's be honest.)

Girlfriends that surround me with love daily.

Family that I love and call my friends. (Kerry? I miss you.)

Complete gratitude.

Three kids that call me "Mommy."

Love for the Lord.

Happiness that wells up inside of me and overflows my heart every day.


My physical appearance and the appearance of my house has been on my mind a lot these past months. 'Appearances' and keeping them up have concerned me. When I stopped to take stock the other day I was surprised to find that every single thing I found that I didn't like was the result of a positive occurrence in my life. Laugh lines? I've never been so happy. A squishy, spongy belly? Three children in 5 years. A messy, loud house? The joy of those babes growing up and running around.

So I'll take it.

Although I have pitched the mom jeans.