Friday, September 9, 2011

Everywhere Around The World . . .

They come into America

On a boat or on a plane

They come into America


I heard Neil Diamond's iconic 'America' the other day while driving and I was taken back immediately to those first few hours of September 11, 2001. As a child I loved this song. As an adult it brings me to tears and hold many horrific memories. Not mine, mind you. I wasn't personally effected, other than how most of us were. But the images of that day will forever be burned in my mind, as camera's caught it all, feeding it all to us live.

That Tuesday I was very self absorbed, as on Saturday my husband and I were getting married. That, obviously, changed. It changed even more when family started canceling because they felt safer at home. We were getting married in New Jersey, just one about an hour and a half from Ground Zero. One couple canceled because her father was in the North Tower. He didn't make it out.

To say I was humbled is a vast understatement.

We briefly considered canceling the wedding. But then my husband said, "No. We.don't.Negotioate.With.Terroists. We'll get married in a bomb shelter if we have to. But we're doing this."

The church where we were we married is over 200 years old. To get down the isle I had to exit the church, walk through a little court yard to the front of the church, which faces the road, climb the stone steps and enter through the front doors. It was a beautiful little walk with my dad, and climbing those steps while holding my dress up was fun.  I vividly remember standing outside those huge red doors, waiting for them to be flung open and cars flashing by. Every single one of them honked their horn, yelled out their window and wistled.

95% of them also yelled, "God Bless America!" Because we needed this. We needed to celebrete something. To begin to breathe. To fight. So that night we did.

Where were you?