Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Slow Love

As hurricane Irene rained (ha ha) down on us, I read Dominique Browning's "Slow Love"'s  prologue. And I liked it, but I didn't 'get it.' Then we settled in for the hard, stuff Irene was bringing us.

 I was 'alone' with my family, with nothing to do. And slowly I understood. Life stood still for those two days. I knitted with my daughters, I cleaned my kitchen completely after dinner without resentment. Without hurry. I had no place to be, no appointment to keep. No self imposed deadline, errand, TV show . . . no anything. All I had to do was be home with my family. I was learning to live slow, to love slow, just like Browning described.

I'm not one to delve deep into the meanings of books, wonder at what the author really meant when they said something. So when at first I didn't understand what she was saying, I sighed and figured the book would at least be a good read. Then, 3 hours later I found myself wiping my kitchen counter (of all things) and thinking to myself, "I'm not in a hurry to do this. I'm just . . . enjoying putting my kitchen in order.  Oh. This is what she meant. Slow living. And before . . . knitting with Violet. Just letting the time wash pass us, not watching the clock, not listening for text messages or phone calls. That. Right there. I was learning about slow love. Taking the time to just be in the moment, savor the moment while in that very moment.

And isn't that something I've been craving to do? Something I haven't had a word to describe? Now I do.

Slow Love.

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