Friday, September 23, 2011

Hello, World!

We're going on vacation. Just my husband and me. Can you even stand it? To celebrate 10 years (in a row, as he says. He's all kinds of funny.) of wedded bliss, we are going to Colorado. My parents are coming in to do our job for 8 days (insert evil laugh).

While we relax.

(more evil laughter)

We're going to sit in the natural hot springs. He's going to fish. I'm going to window shop. We're going to spend some time with great friends.

We're going to spend time just being together.


I mean, I'm sad and anxious about leaving my children. I really am. But they'll be with my parents. And we did do this last year. So I know we're good.

And we need this. It's been a great year, yes.  I've been healthy for a year and a half, so we're not walking on egg shells any more. The tension and the stress are gone. We can simply enjoy each other and get to know each other again, the people we've become since this whole depression mess started after John was born.

Get to know each other again.

That is going to be lovely.

While I'm gone I have some rockin' guest posts lined up. ROCKING, I tell you. I'm not spilling any secrets, you'll have to tune in to find out. But just know that I'm beyond excited to have these bloggers here at my place. I've read all of them for over a year - since the early days of my blogging and it blows my mind that they each agreed to guest post over here. I'm all kinds of excited.

Remember when Josh and I had our little conversation? Yeah. Kinda like that.  When each of them agreed there was definite screaming and jumping involved. So . . . stay tuned.