Saturday, October 29, 2011

And The Winner Is . . .

I'll email the winners, too. But I wanted to post them here along with my favorite Christmas traditions. I figured I should share, as well. :)

1) We totally stole this idea from Diana's family last year. The kids all sleep in one room on Christmas Eve and giggle and laugh till all hours. Or 10 o'clock. Diana's family still does this and I love it. Santa even visited the kids while they were sleeping, slipped candy canes into their hands and took pictures. All without my husband and I knowing. Sneaky guy.

2) I haven't done this one in a couple years, but I'm already on the hunt for this years item. I buy a new item for the house which just happens to be Christmas-y. Then I switch it out with the regular item and the family has to find the new item. Past items have included easy things like a snowman cookie jar and harder items such as measuring cups that are snowmen. New ideas are: toilet paper, spoon rest. I also stole this idea :)

And the winners, chosen randomly, are: Sol and Kimberly. I'll email you both with the code to use at Shutterfly. Congrats and thanks for participating in my first give-a-way!