Thursday, October 20, 2011

The War Within

Someone said to me the other day, "Oh, you suffer from depression." And for the first time I thought, "NO, no I do not suffer from depression."

I used to suffer.

How many people out here are living with it - plodding along like I did for so long because they think that melancholy, dead feeling is as good as it gets?

I have lived.

How many people out here are walking around, feeling as though they are wading through molasses, assuming that this is what life has dealt them? Excepting that this is the new them?

I have survived.

How many people are out here, thinking that just existing is enough? That breathing in and out each day is enough of an accomplishment - because that alone takes more energy than completing an Iron Man ever could. How many people consider being alive at the end of the day is the hardest thing they've done in years?

I am thriving.

How many people out here know that with the right combination of therapy, medication and support they will get better? How many people realize that if they are not getting better than something needs to change, and change now? Maybe it's their medication. Maybe it's the therapist.  But something must change for you to heal. I believe this will all my heart and soul.

I've found so many blogs that have been incredibly helpful and healing to me. And so many that sadden me. So many where I want to crawl through my computer screen and shake the person, then wrap them in love. Show them the me I used to be. Then the me I am today. Show them the possibilities that are out here, if they  stop suffering and start fighting. I know. You know I know.

Fight for your lives, your family, your very soul.

Fight. Live. Survive. Thrive.