Monday, November 7, 2011

Daily Conversations

Krista over at Not Mommy of the Year  did a post like this a few weeks back and I thought it was a brilliant way to capture 'a day in the life'  kind of moment. So . . . I totally bogarted the idea for today's post. Krista is brilliant you know. Go check her out.


John: Mommy, you know this orange soda? It tastes

Violet: I don't want to sleep! (Me: I didn't ask if you wanted to.) Well, you should ask! Ask!

Sarah: Words that have /d/ in the middle . . .door. Wouldya . . .

John: These are little coconuts! (they were Whoppers)

Me: I'm mailing your candy to the soldiers tomorrow, so pick out 5 pieces to keep.

Sarah: Why are you mailing my candy?

John: Because thems can't go trick or treating and get their own candy, right mommy?

Sarah: I said Iwould change the channel. You just didn't hear me, cuz I said it little.

John: I'll make this card for Violet. Becuase she doesn't feel good. And my card will make hers feel better.

Me: Sarah, you need to do it again.

Sarah: I did it like 99 times!

John: Do it 14 times. That's better. (14 is his favorite number.)

John: Let's rock and roll!

Violet: He jumped on my face! He did it on purpose!

Me: Really?

John: I fell! I fell!

Violet: He fell on my face on purpose!

Husband and Me: Really?