Thursday, November 24, 2011

So Much To Be Thankful For

I know this is an obvious post, but let's go with it, shall we?

I have so much to be thankful for. For friends who have stood by me as I heal. Who have supported me with kindness and love this past year. I don't know if you'll ever understand how much your love and support mean to me, and I can't ever thank you enough. When I'm having a bad day your friendships pull me up.

For family who loved me through the darkest days and now smile with me as I have bright days. You helped me when I couldn't help myself and for that I am ever thankful. Your love pulls me up on my bad days and supports me in ways I can't express.

For my husband who loves me unconditionally. Who puts up with both my normal and abnormal craziness. Who gave me three beautiful children that inspire me to always be healthy. For making me laugh when I'm angry and holding me when I cry. I love you.

For Kerry, thank you for your understanding and advice this past year. I'm so happy to call you family - but I'm happier to call you my friend. And thank you for that new baby I get to hold and love on - she's a little miracle to me.

For the internet, as silly as it may seem. I've met some incredible women out here on the interwebs. Karen, Keren, Mal and Linda thank you all for bringing me laughter and joy when things were bleak and now as I'm whole. I have the most amazing memories because of you all.

For this blog. It's become my little place to speak my mind, whatever state it might be. Because of it I'm talking about important issues to me and sometimes even helping others. It's helped me reach personal goals and is re-defining my life. I'm no longer a person with depression, but someone who is healing from depression and this place has helped put me there. I'm also so thankful for 'my' readers. It amazes me that people come here and read what I have to say. me. And then you leave comments (the bloggers crack) that make me cry (from happiness) and laugh out loud. You encourage me. And we've never met. In the words of Diana ::headexplosion::

Speaking of Diana, I'm thankful for you and our daily chats. You don't know this, but on the tough days these bring me up and lighten everything for me. You get me - how is that? Thank you.

There are so many, many other things I have to thankful for, but I just wanted to mention these few right here. Tell me, what are you thankful for?

*and again, I have no spell check. Please forgive any errors. I'll be thankful for a working computer after this weekend.*