Thursday, November 17, 2011

These Are The Days

I used a writing prompt today: What was the happiest day of your life thus far? And the answer was so quick and obvious-- and cliche that I cringed to write about it. Then I started thinking . . .

I have more than one. And more than four. I married the man of my dreams, so naturally I never thought I'd top my wedding day. Then a year late we found out we were expecting -- the sheer joy! When Violet was born I believed I'd never been happier. Nine months later we were expecting again and I felt that same joy again. Even though we lost that baby, and the next, that joy, that extreme happiness stands out in my mind.

When we found out we were expecting Sarah, you would think I would have been hesitant to feel joyful, happy and excited. But we told the world and I embraced her whole heartedly. Three months later the pregnancy test came back positive. And while shocked, I was overjoyed, again. We lost that little boy, so again, you'd think that a month later when we were pregnant with John I'd be reserved. But no. I was once again completely surrounded by happiness at the thought of another baby.

And the day they were all born? Oh. I never thought I'd be happier. Until the next one came along.

Christmas mornings with all three of them. How magical is that? Last year I disninctly remember thinking, "This is it. Right here right now." But was it? Did it trump their arrivals?

Then there is the day that I realized I'd fought off the depression and was winnning. I sat in a chair and smiled, so happy and content for the first time in over two years. How is that not the happiest day of my life?

So, I chose today. I chose today when I get to count these blessings as the happiest of days.

(PS, my spell check is once again on the fritz. Please forgive any errors)