Friday, December 30, 2011

Sarah Sleeps . . . Sometimes

Yes, we're still having problems with Sarah sleeping. And yes, I'm writing about it again.

We've taken her to a therapist now, it's that bad.

She has a special music CD that thankfully is helping block out sounds and we've rearranged our home because evidently she's hearing every little thing, including the TV. And NCIS isn't exactly kid friendly.

Her nightlight bulb has been switched out for a blue bulb, which doesn't produce the energy that white light does. And the fight that entailed there? Ugh.

She still takes melatonin.

She still cries.

She still wakes up at a pin drop. Seriously. She just woke up when a coin hit the floor as I walked downstairs.

But, she stayed in her bed all night last  night. I cannot remember the last time that happened.

I feel good about the noise blocking CD, and the fact that we've moved where we watch TV at night. So, we'll see.  We shall see.