Tuesday, December 6, 2011

What's Goin' On?

Today I'm over at Branson's place, A Reflection of Something -- so cool! When she asked me to be a guest blogger on, as she put it, how I'm 'rocking' motherhood and depression, I was blown away. First of all, she thinks I'm rocking this gig? Cool. :) \m/ While I don't think I'm  rocking this whole thing (especially this week), I jumped at the chance. Branson is such an inspiration. So head on over there and check it out. Really.

Over here, I'm filling you in on Sarah and that Elf on The Shelf of ours, Mr. Red.

Oh, sweet baby jesus in a manger (to quote Heir to Blair). The other night I heard screaming from Sarah, followed by my husband yelling, "It's not real! It's not real! Let me show you! Look! Look!" And more screaming from Sarah. I came downstairs to find Sarah sobbing and shaking, a broom on the floor and my husband with Mr. Red in a death grip. He'd asked Sarah to sweep the floor, but she couln't because "Mr. Red is watching me!"

My husband tried to show Sarah that Mr. Red wasn't real by reading his tag, "Made in China." She didn't care. He squeezed his legs and arms to show her they weren't real. No dice. He banged his head on the counter. (perhaps not the best thing) and Sarah just shook.

Finally, in a moment of pure inspiration, I told her that Mr. Red was just like her American Girl doll. She stopped crying long enough to let me explain. And you guys? I spilled it all. She kept saying something about him being magic, and I just couldn't listen to her anymore, it was so sad. So I told her that I was the magic. That I moved him every night. That he didn't really fly to Santa at all. She calmed down immediately. We talked about it. I explained that the magic was in believing that Mr. Red was magic. And then we talked about how John and Violet still believe in that magic and she cannot ruin that for them. Then we decided that she would help me move Mr. Red each night so she could be part of the magic.

And she loves it.


Then, on Saturday I put a Christmas Tree in her room.

And she FREAKED HER FREAK OUT all over again.