Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Loud Talkers

If you know me in real life, you know that I'm a 'loud talker.' And so is my family -- my husband, all three of my children. I talk loud. I laugh loud. I cry loud. Even if we're being quiet, we're still loud. I'm constantly shushing the kids, but it's hard for them to use soft voices when Mom is yelling across the room.

John is no different. He's always been loud, probably extra loud in order to be heard over the racket his two older sisters make.

I've mentioned his epic tantrums before - the screaming is crazy. He does this kind of tantruming at least twice a day, sometimes as often as four if we're having a horrible day.

He has the cutest raspy voice.

Yeah. See where I'm going with this?

When we had him evaluated for articulation problems (which he has) the speech pathologist asked if he had a cold because he seemed hoarse.

No. He has a tiny little smokers voice.

She asked about his history, did he have reflux? Oh, sweetness did he ever. (the smell. Did you have a reflux-y baby? Remember that horrid smell?) Did he do a lot of screaming? Oh, sweetness does he ever.

So she referred us to an ENT, where we went yesterday.  Now, I know John's voice is raspy and a little hoarse. People comment on it and say how cute it is. It is cute. But when the doctor, the medical student and the physicians assistant heard John talk? Eyebrows flew up all around the room.


So. Given his history of severe reflux and his current state as a loud talker (cough cough) and screamer, he has developed nodules or callouses on his vocal cords. They need to actually see the callouses to confirm, so he'll be having his throat/vocal cords scoped on February 16.

In the meantime, the speech path, who is a loud talker (and totally awesome), suggested that we "ENCOURAGE JOHN TO USE A SOFT VOICE." I managed to not laugh. We're going to use a sticker chart to encourage it. He also has to drink a lot of water to lubricate his vocal cords.

I guess maybe his hoarseness isn't as cute as I think. But it is, it really is.