Monday, February 6, 2012

Because God Has A Sense of Humor

God has a sense of humor. I've known this for awhile. But last Sunday? Oh, he showed me all over again just what a fun guy he is. Never let it be said that God isn't paying attention to every.single.thing we do and say.

So, here I was all Judgey McJudgerson about bra's and 3rd graders. Remember?


Last Sunday Violet had on a demure white shirt. She took off her coat. My eyes popped. My heart thumped. My  palms got sweaty and I *may* have started to cry a little. May.

My baby is growing up.

She needs a training bra.

And because I was judgey only a month ago, I knew that God was watching and smiling.

Stupid judgey self.

Although, she won't be getting a blue satin padded bra. Thankyouverymuch.