Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Boys Will Be Boys. Right??

Tell me that your son is crazy clumsy.

Tell me that your son is rambunctious.

Tell me that your son is loud in everything he does.

Tell me that your son is accident prone.

Tell me that your son wears out the knees in his pants in a month, if not less.

Tell me that I am not alone.

John cut his eye. Just the outside corner and this time we didn't need to go to the hospital, thank you Jesus.

He just fell off the couch. My husband doesn't even now what he hit. He just fell and whomp!




And as a mom I'm feeling guilty. Do I not pay enough attention to him? Do I let him play alone too much?  (what I always thought of as independent play is now making me think I'm just leaving him alone.) I'm questioning all my parenting strategies, beliefs and actions.

All of it.

Because of a cut. Because it's not the first, and I well know it won't be the last.

Is your son like this?

Because I need to know.