Saturday, March 24, 2012

Because I Was Judgey . . .

I've mentioned before that I was all judgey  about bras and third graders here.

And then here I mentioned how God has a sense of humor because Violet needs one.

Well today we are going to buy one.

It's true.

My first born baby and I are going to the mall and shopping for a bra. No, it's not going to be the shiny blue padded one mentioned back up there (gag), but we're still having to buy a bra.

I'm making a day of it. Going to lunch, shopping for some summer and church clothes with her. We're going to the Christiana Mall instead of the Concord Mall -- and the Christiana Mall is the big mall. It has all the good stores. Justice and Gap Kids. (Ann Taylor and Loft).

So. It's happening. She's over the moon excited. When I told her we were going she gave a fist pumped and yelled, "Yessssss!"

Hold me close.