Monday, March 12, 2012

The 5K Plus One More

(First, Nancy? You're husband was the greatest coach on Sunday. Thank you for letting me borrow him.)

So Sunday was my 5k. I've been training for it since January - actually training for it. I even managed to pull out a 3 mile run the Thursday before the race (more on that later) so I thought, "I think maybe I can do this again."

Uhm, well, erm. No.

There were hills, people. Hills.

The course went through the city, along the river, up and  down some hills. Which meant I had to come back up those *insert special words* hills. I'm sure it was a pretty run, but since I was looking at the pavement the entire time I really have no idea.

Coming down the first set of hills, just after we started, I panicked in my head. My oh so steady pace must faltered because my running partner, Nick (who was a so amazing for me through this) said, "just set back into them. Nice and easy down hill." To which I replied, in a whiny voice, "But I have to come back up these hills!!"

So  my inner dialogue for this race was a lot of : OMG I cannot pull this out. What was I thinking. The track I trained on was flat. Why didn't I think of that when I read the route for this? Didn't it say "great for beginners"? Aren't I a beginner? Was that a 7 year old who just passed  me? I cannot believe that I am walking. This sucks. Wait. Did that 7 year old just pass me going the other way. Oh it's on."

But I had to walk one (two?) more times because of those *special* hills. Nick encouraged me so much and got me the last 1/4 mile in an ugly jog crossing the finishing line at 44:22. Poor guy never broke a sweat.

So, I didn't make my goal. I didn't run the entire race. But after I get done here I'm finding a flat race along the river front and trying again.

Now, the Plus One More part . . .

I did do 3 miles on Thursday. And it went like this:


I can't do this, Dear Lord I cannot do this. I've got a mile and a half left.

*faltering steps, shuffling jogs*

~Eye of the Tiger comes on~

That's RIGHT I am the eye of the tiger. Me.

I got this.

Jog Jog Jog

Oh, God, I can't do this. 2 miles in.

*More faltering steps, calf cramp. Tears. Ugly tears.*

How will I do this on Sunday??

~Oh Micki~ comes on

Oh Micki I'M so fine! I own this road. This is my road.

(still, all of this? OUT LOUD)

~More ugliness at 2 1/2~

*Pink's You're a Rock Star comes on*

That's right. I'm a rock star. I got my rock moves. This is my race. I own it. I trained for this.

And I  pull out 3.2 miles. Tears and all.

Now the trick is to do this during an actual 5K - without the need to talk to myself or cry halfway through it. :)

Who's with me? (on a flat course. A very flat course. Also? I've found the race/races. So . . .)