Monday, June 18, 2012

Another Year, Another Dance Recital. *happy sighs*

Violet and Sarah had their dance recital on Saturday and Sunday. And my two favorite dancers danced. I mean, my two favorite dancers besides my girls. Josh and Ryan danced -- be still my 39 year-year-old-mother-of-three-they-are-20-years-old heart - they danced.They graduated you see, so I don't get to see them anymore. That is very sad for me. You may remember that during the Holiday Magic Show of two years ago Ryan made me cry with his dancing.

Yeah, he's that good.

And I saw Josh dance in the first recital Violet danced in, four years ago. I kind of forgot about her when I saw him dance, he was that mesmerizing. I adore these two young men. Josh tap dances like nobodies business. We've watched Ryan grow from an awkward teenager to this amazingly graceful young man who gives me goosebumps when he dances.

So yes, four of my favorite dancers danced on Saturday and Sunday. And I was in heaven.

Now, I know many moms who dread the end of the year dance recital. And while I may grimace at the work required of me the week leading up the recital, I love the recitals.

Yes, we are crazy busy the week of the recital. We have a leotard rehearsal and a full dress rehearsal that last about two hours. But I get to see all the girls dance, from all the classes. I get to see all the babies - the tiny 4 year olds -- in their frills and bows do little ballet pirouettes. I get to see the big girls leap and twirl across the stage and watch my girls imagine the day they will do those amazing things with their bodies.

So I love it.

The day of the recital is tiring -- especially Sunday. But I still love it. ( Plus, I'm not nearly as tired as the staff of the dance studio, who this year put on four shows.) Saturday we're all geeked up for the recital, it's all new and the girls are excited. Sunday they are a bit more tired and so am I.

But I still love it.

They look so beautiful in their costumes, concentrating on a dance they've spent the year working on.

Backstage they giggle and laugh, share secrets, tells jokes and eat a ton of snacks while waiting for their dance. I don't see any fear. I see only fun and friends, talent and education.

And I love it so much.

The worst part of it all is doing the buns -- I like a good bun. So it takes me a while. And I like to be complimented on my bun. So it takes me even longer. But it's worth it when they look as good as they feel.

And every year I think, "This is the year that is the best. There is no way Miss Anna Marie can out do this." And then the next year I find myself thinking the exact same thing. She does know how to put on a show.