Thursday, July 19, 2012

Six Weeks

Wait, isn't that the title of an old, dirty movie?

Moving on.

My sister in law, my brothers wife, has been in Michigan for four weeks. She'll be gone two more weeks. That's six weeks.

Ugh. I'm dying. She's gone, my niece is gone.

Kerry!! :)

When she was here we'd talk almost every day, do the 'pop in' deal with each other. She'd watch my kids and I'd get Caitlyn. Oh, how I adore that child. When she left she was just barely up on all fours. Now she's cruising furniture and has a tooth.


Plus, ya know, Kerry is gone!

When we talked every day I'd get to bounce all my crazy ideas off her, and she'd bring me back to reality. She'd encourage me when I doubted myself. She'd remind me of how far I've come in two years.

As I'm writing this I'm not sure what I provided her. I do know that I adore her and love her with all my heart. Perhaps I haven't told her that enough or expressed it well.

What I do know is I'm missing her terribly and cannot wait until she comes home.