Tuesday, November 15, 2011

It's A Seinfeld-ian World

Remember Seinfeld? Oh, how I adored that show. I'll watch re-runs of it now for hours when I find them. Do you remember how Jerry, George and Elaine always had weird, absurd reasons for breaking up with or never seeing girls/guys again? There was the woman with 'man hands,' the 'mouth breather,' the woman who ate her peas with a fork, and on.

The other day I was talking with Diana at Hormonal Imbalances (becuase, yes, we talk every day. It's like a rule.) and remembered a guy I'd had one date with. And the reason I'd never gone out with him again.

He ordered a strawberry daiquiry.

Thus this post was formulated.

Other *really* good, legitimate reasons I refused second dates:

*The guy wore the same cologne as my first boyfriend

*He wore a 'girly' shirt

* He mentioned a second date (I didn't like him assuming? I don't know)

*He didn't mention a second date (but he called, so . . .)

*He was prettier than me

* He had a booger on his face when he picked me up

* He sang along to the radio to songs he didn't know

Gah. Remember that for the majority of these I was in college. I was young, stupid and there were guys everywhere. Later, after I graduated from college and was in the real world my reasons for not dating a guy became truly legitimate. This is the reasoning of a young girl who was probably drinking at some point when she made these decisions. Especially since the one guy I did date steadily in college was five years younger than me (he was a freshman and I was a senior. He'd been at prom that summer. I'd been doing internsips), not very smart, really pretty and crazy immature. So . . . yeah. This list *totally* makes sense.

What is the weirdest reason you've never seen a guy/girl again?